Milking Parlour

Much like any dairy farm, Clearydale's milking parlour has always been the hub of activity. In 1985, state of the art milking equipment was purchased from Surge and used until 2008, when new Metatron 21 Premium meters were installed.

Detailed Information

Cow indentification RFID tags have been introduced and are worn on the cows' ankle. Upon entry to the parlour, the tag is read and the ID number is submitted to the computer system and displayed on the meters below. When the cattle exit the parlour and pass through the sort gate, the tag is again read and if needed, the cow can be sorted to the adjacent pen for further attention.


Photo of parlour, taken 2003. Milking equipment used from 1985-2008
Photo of parlour, taken 2008
Meters are Westfalia-Surge, Metatron 21 Premium