Industrial Hemp

In 2011 and 2014 we ran two small experiments to grow hemp for seed. We used an Ontario-bred variety called Anka. Here are the results of these experiments.

Detailed Information

In 2011 we ran a small experiment and grew 17 acres of hemp for seed. In the two fields closest to the farm we had the best results. Those two fields had been receiving manure and fertilizer for decades and grew quite tall and dense. During harvest we ran into issues with the fibre wrapping on the feederhouse chain of the combine and in the straw walkers. We tried a neighbour's older combine but it had wrapping problems as well. Basically, you go around the field for 15 minutes and spend the next two hours with your jackknife. Out of the portion we were able to combine, we only came out with about 3 tonne of seed. In 2014 we planted another ten acres to try out.

Samples and Lab Analysis 2014

Planting Date: June 10, 2014
Sample Date: July 17, 2014
Soil Type: Grenville Loam

Sample Plants (All mixed together, all female plants)
  • Plant 1 - 48 inches long
  • Plant 2 - 45 inches long
  • Plant 3 - 23 inches long
  • Plant 4 - 26 inches long
  • Plant 5 - 70 inches long

View 2014 Lab Analysis (pdf)

Samples and Lab Analysis 2011

Planting Date: ~May 27, 2011
Sample Date: July 18, 2011
Soil Type: Grenville Loam
Growth Stage: Flowering, pre-seed set

Sample Plants
Sample 1
Large male plant
83 inches long
Cut weight: 48g
Sample 2
Large female plant
88 inches long
Cut weight: 45g
Sample 3
Small male plant
67 inches long
Cut weight: 24g
Sample 4
Small female plant
51 inches long
Cut weight: 19g

2011 Lab Analysis (pdf)