Fabric Buildings

Fabric buildings have become popular in recent decades on farms for their lower capital cost and their clear span design.

Detailed Information

Clearydale Farms currently has 14 buildings, 4 of which are fabric buildings:

  • Shop 15.2 x 27.4m built in 1994
  • Machine Shed 18.3 x 31.7m built in 1978
  • Dairy Coverall Barn 27.4 x 54.9m built in 2004
  • Milk House & Parlour built in 1985
  • Pool & Lumber Shed (former carriage shed) built in 1901
  • Open Calf Barn built in 1983, roof extended in 2013
  • Farm House - Original built in 1880, parlour added in 1903, kitchen and bathroom added in 1945, northside renovations in 1999
  • Open Heifer Barn 9.8 x 34.1m built in 1996
  • Straw Coverall Barn built in 2006, rebuilt after fire in 2011
  • Dry Cow Coverall Barn built in 2006
  • Slatted Floor Heifer Barn built in 1997
  • Old Milking Parlour/Lunch Room built in 1957
  • Lower Barn/Hay Loft 12.2 x 36.6m built in 1900
  • Calf/Heifer Coverall Barn 12.2 x 24.4m built in 2005

Dairy Barn Photos

View of main dairy barn from North-West
Pit where material can be added to the manure for the digester
Inside the main dairy barn

Other Fabric Building Photos

Calf/Heifer barn, view from North-West
Straw barn before the fire in September 2010
Rebuilt straw barn
Dry cow barn