Clearydale Honey

Unpasteurized, 100% Ontario honey from minimum or treatment-free sources

Clearydale Honey is a local-first honey packing company. Operating in small batches, traceability is implemented through a consumer-accessible database with batch codes on each jar describing information about the beekeeper and their honey; harvest date, flavour, packaging date & location, etc. Honey and other honeybee products are purchased directly from beekeepers at their asking price. By connecting the end consumer with knowledge of the original producer, they can decide to buy from them next time. This stimulates the local economy and gives an incentive to beekeepers to sell to Clearydale Honey.

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Where did your batch of honey come from?

Clearydale produces natural, pure honey for your enjoyment in glass jars, or delicious, untouched honeycomb!


Conor Cleary began learning about honeybees in November 2013 and dove right into the hobby with three hives in June 2014.

Newly constructed hives

Sourcing & Fulfillment

Due to the low volume of harvested honey in the first years of any beekeeping operation, Clearydale sources similarly produced honey from vetted local beekeepers. A mutual and trusting relationship with the beekeeper is important to ensure that the honey is provided as-described in an ethical manner.

Guidelines and requirements by the beekeeper to provide Clearydale with a source of honey are as follows:

  • • No prophylactic use of chemicals and medications can be used in-hive without a clear need for action according to an established Integrated Pest Management Plan.
  • • Treatments cannot be applied while honey meant for harvest remains in the hive.
  • • The beekeeper must hold a demonstrated understanding and positive regard towards the methods and attempts of treatment free beekeeping, without necessarily practicing it themselves.
  • • Honey provided to Clearydale must be unpasteurized and of high quality, with no added water or sugar subsitiute.
  • • Filtration is not required, however the honey must be clear and generally free of debris such as wax or honeybee body parts.