Family-operated dairy farm & apiary in Spencerville, Ontario 

Locally Produced Clearydale Honey

Unpasteurized, 100% Ontario honey from minimum or treatment-free sources

Ever spread real honeycomb on your toast?

Clearydale Honey

Available in local grocers and healthy-eating establishments!

Clearydale Honey

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Clearydale Honey

Clearydale buys top quality honey from local beekeepers to help get their season's product to market and always have consistent supply.

Clearydale Farms

The farm was settled by humble Irish settlers in 1846, cut out of the swampy brush and rock of Eastern Ontario.

Clearydale Innovation

Clearydale has a strong track record of innovation and new technology. Check out our section on innovation at Clearydale Farms.

Cleary History

Read about Clearydale Farm's rich and interesting history, including the origins of the Cleary family and the farm timeline.